The Global Initiative

The Global Education Initiative is a groundbreaking, student-centered and fully integrated framework that puts key global competencies at the center of your education, giving you a competitive professional advantage — not just at the hiring stage, but at every stage of your career.

Because Every Career is Global

As a UNC Kenan-Flagler graduate, you will be ready to work across cultures, whether you’re based in the U.S. serving on a diverse team, collaborating virtually with colleagues half way around the world or leading global operations and traveling to new markets.

You will learn to:

  • Be open, flexible, introspective and resilient
  • Understand differences across cultures
  • Adapt your communication and leadership style
  • Understand economic trends, government regulations, and business practices in different markets

Accelerate Your Career

Business leaders told us that they need and value global competencies in the people they hire — and that having those skills is a tremendous career accelerator for young professionals.

We created the Global Education Initiative to give that edge to you. Our goal is for you to learn and excel at the global competencies that will prepare you to manage, lead and succeed in global business.

The UNC Kenan-Flagler Approach to Global Business — Entirely Innovative, Entirely Different

The UNC Kenan-Flagler approach to global business education is unlike any other:

  • We benchmarked the state of global business education and consulted with alumni, business leaders, faculty members and recruiters to find out what firms were looking for and what students would benefit from.
  • We defined four areas of global business competency — the AttitudeSkillsKnowledge and Business Practices each and every one of our students must possess in order to be ready for success in the global economy.
  • We envisioned and created the comprehensive Global Education Model as a framework necessary to foster and practice those competencies.
  • We developed a systematic and individualized Inclusive Global Leadership curriculum to advance the global competencies in all students.
  • We established an evaluation process to make sure we deliver.

Our student-centered, systematic and integrated program for global business education is truly unique.

A Global Perspective Integrated into Every Learning Experience

The Global Education Initiative isn’t just about renewing curriculum, revamping courses, or providing illuminating experiences abroad (though we did all of those things, too). The Global Education Initiative is about the creation of a School-wide, comprehensive framework that puts global business competency at the forefront of everything you do as a student.