Learning Opportunities

Developing Competencies for Global Education

Interactive and experiential sessions and events with intercultural trainers and industry leaders will get you ready to work in diverse and global environments.

Our array of interactive sessions and tools advance four key global competencies: Global Attitudes, Global Skills, Global Knowledge and Global Business Practices.

Global Attitude and Global Skills

Understanding Yourself and Others Session
Gain insights into your global competencies and challenges when engaging in intercultural encounters and reflect upon your work style in global contexts.

The Understanding Yourself and Others Session offers a platform for introspection, reflection and goal-setting. Experienced facilitators debrief students’ assessment results. They will gain insights into their global competencies and their strengths and challenges when managing diverse teams or leading global corporations. The session also advances students’ understanding of their individual communication and work styles and impact when working and leading across cultures.

EPIC Global Leadership Forum
Benefit from a day of intercultural simulations and interactive sessions with intercultural experts and business leaders to build your global competency for a successful career.

In today’s global economy, communicating and leading effectively across cultures are core business competencies that can make the difference between winning or losing a contract, motivating or de-motivating a diverse team, increasing or decreasing productivity and ultimately succeeding or failing in business.

As part of the Global Education Initiative, the Experiential – Participatory – Inspiring – Connected (EPIC) Global Leadership Forum offers intercultural simulations, reflection and feedback led by cross-cultural trainers and business leaders. In this interactive environment, you will practice and improve your Skills in communicating, collaborating, adapting and empathizing in global business contexts and learn how to reflect upon your behavior and attitudes and their impact in cultures other than your own.

See the Global Education Initiative to learn more about the innovative and comprehensive UNC Kenan-Flagler approach to global business learning.

Global Learning Labs
Investigate, experiment and reflect on your intercultural attitudes and skills in these interactive sessions that provide feedback in a fun and safe environment.

The Global Learning Labs embody UNC Kenan-Flagler’s innovative Global Education Initiative approach to global business education by providing opportunities for you to improve your intercultural Skills, such as reflection, empathy, adaptability, collaboration, and communication and advance your global Attitude, including being open, respectful, resilient, introspective and flexible.

The labs provide you with insights into your own strengths and challenges when working on diverse teams or leading in global business. The labs’ interactive exercises and simulations help you focus on your unique development goals and needs for improving global competencies to prepare your career advancement.

Out of Your Comfort Zone: Engagement With Local-Global Community
Hone your Skills and Attitudes by immersing in a local-global community of your choice and interacting with its people.

This experiential learning assignment allows you to spend time in a local-global community of your choosing. Culture is a collective phenomenon and the purpose of this assignment is to take you out of your comfort zone by entering and participating in an unfamiliar culture, all while learning about that culture.

Student Leadership
Join the Global Business Center team to advance your global competency and help implement key Global Education Initiative programs.

The Global Business Center at UNC Kenan-Flagler each year offers leadership opportunities Undergraduate Business students who have interests in global business.


The Student Leader provides administrative and logistical assistance to the Center staff in advancing the Dean’s Global Education Initiative and implementing the sessions and events that are part of the Inclusive Global Leadership curriculum.

Student Leaders have the opportunity to:

  • Assist with the Center’s preparation for and delivery of sessions and events, including the:
    • EPIC Global Leadership Forum
    • Global Learning Labs
    • Global Business Conference
  • Help with other aspects of the Global Education Initiative and the Center’s work.


Ideal candidates are highly organized, detail-oriented, and interested in administrative work. They must be able to work independently and possess excellent written and oral communication skills. Knowledge of Excel, Google Docs and Forms is a plus. Preferably, candidates have some international experience and a keen interest intercultural and global business topics.


The call for applications and exact deadline to apply will be sent to students via email.

To apply, interested students need to submit the following by email to gbc@unc.edu:

    • Letter of motivation
    • Resume
    • One letter of reference from a faculty member or staff (Faculty and staff should also email their letters to gbc@unc.edu.)

Questions? Contact Dr. Julia Kruse.

See the Global Education Initiative to learn more about the innovative and comprehensive UNC Kenan-Flagler approach to global business learning

GlobeSmart Learning Platform

Understand intercultural differences and your own communication and work preferences and learn about global economies, history, government, and religion that impact doing business globally.

Global Business Practices

Global Business Conference
Join industry and academic leaders to learn about and help solve real global business issues in highly interactive sessions.

The Global Business Center’s annual Global Business Conference (formerly the Global Trade, Global Trade-Offs and Emerging Markets Summit) convenes thought leaders from academia, the business community, and government to explore core questions of the impact of global trade on society, the changing nature of work and economic productivity. You will gain insights into current global business and economic issues and will help solve multinationals’ real challenges in doing business globally.

The event features keynote speakers, panels and interactive case workshops on global business issues. It gives students the chance to learn about key global Business Practices:

  • Understand the current context of global trade -Gain insights into key challenges in doing business globally
  • Apply knowledge gained in the classroom to analyze real global business issues
  • Practice developing solutions to real global business issues
  • Learn best practices and strategies associated with growth in emerging markets

Expand professional networks to companies investing in emerging and developed markets and students from several of UNC Kenan-Flagler’s degree programs
See the Global Education Initiative to learn more about the innovative and comprehensive UNC Kenan-Flagler approach to global business learning.

HSTalks: The Global Business Management Collection
Gain insights into best business practices or cutting-edge research from renowned industry experts, UNC Kenan-Flagler faculty and academics from around the world.

Expand your insights into global Business Practices and choose from over 300 lectures on global business topics by faculty from around the world.

  • Select Explore Lectures & Case Studies
  • Under Category, select “Global Business Management.”
  • Choose and listen to a lecture for a topic of your choice.